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Circuit board vacuum packaging film (PCB skin packaging film)

Highly transparent and highly stretchable circuit board vacuum packaging film, PCB circuit board body packaging film, circuit board PE vacuum packaging film

Highly transparent and highly stretchable circuit board vacuum packaging film, PCB circuit board body packaging film, circuit board PE vacuum packaging film

-Fengyuan has been professionally manufacturing for nearly 20 years, complete varieties and specifications, and quality assurance

Main product types:
1. Vacuum packaging film for common transparent circuit boards (product code: SA): suitable for packaging common circuit board products without antistatic requirements;
2. Vacuum packaging film for transparent antistatic circuit boards (product code: SATC): suitable Packaging with PCBs with antistatic requirements;
3. Red antistatic PCB vacuum packaging film (product code: SATR): suitable for circuit boards with antistatic requirements. Adding red is mainly for easy identification. There are two options: red and pink.


The main features of the Fengyuan brand vacuum packaging film for circuit boards:
1. High transparency. After vacuum packaging, the appearance and texture of the circuit board can be seen at a glance, and the visual display effect reaches the highest level.
2. Excellent stretch forming performance, the strongest tightening force on the packaged circuit board products, effectively preventing product friction.
3. After heating and packaging, there will be no wrinkles on the PCB surface, which will present you the most perfect PCB vacuum skin packaging effect. (Special high-quality product formula that surpasses similar products of the same industry).
4. The width can be more than 1.3 meters, and the thickness is 0.15-0.5MM. We may produce the specifications you may use.
5. Multiple production lines and strong production capacity are the solid support for our fast delivery.

Circuit board vacuum packaging process: Through the heating system of the circuit board vacuum skin packaging machine, the vacuum packaging film is heated and softened and covered on the circuit board and the transparent bubble bottom film. At the same time, the PCB body vacuum packaging machine is activated under the bubble bottom film. Vacuum suction force, the vacuum tight protection packaging film is shaped according to the shape of the circuit board, and is tightly adhered to the bubble bottom film. The circuit board is tightly wrapped between the transparent top film and the bottom film. Good visual display effect and the effect of industrial shock protection packaging.


7 core advantages of vacuum packaging of circuit boards:
1. High packaging efficiency: It can pack one or more stacks of circuit boards at a time, no mold, one-time vacuum sealed packaging molding, fast and efficient.
2. Enhance the appearance value of the circuit board: This package is tightly adhered to the surface of the product after heating and softening due to the transparent circuit board vacuum packaging PE film. The three-dimensional sense is strong, transparent and bright, easy to touch and inspect, and clean and beautiful.
3. Good vacuum shockproof protection: The whole stack of circuit boards will not move after being packaged, and the pieces are close to each other, which can effectively prevent shock and friction. Another vacuum sealed package can effectively prevent moisture, moisture, oxidation, and dust, and effectively protect The quality of the product extends the shelf life of the product.
4. Low cost of packaging materials: ordinary PE vacuum adhesive film and bubble bottom film are used. The materials are cheap and easy to obtain.
5. Save storage and transportation costs: Save packaging volume compared with traditional shock-proof packaging methods such as styrofoam, bubble cloth, and blister cover.
6. Environmentally friendly packaging: environmentally friendly packaging materials, in line with SGS, ROHS, FDA environmental protection regulations, non-toxic and harmless to circuit boards, human health and the environment.
7. Enhance brand value: high-end and high-quality packaging appearance, long-term brand value is subtle and subtle, and the value is extraordinary.



Circuit board vacuum packaging film application cases show:


Dongguan Fengyuan Packaging (www.skinpack-cn.com) is a leading manufacturer of circuit board vacuum packaging films in China. It has a comprehensive strength, a complete product line, fast delivery, and good quality at a low price. products, comprehensive after-sales intimate, long-term free model call, please call the product order hotline: 400-889-6006 , business QQ: 2850670788, distinguished look forward to your call.

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