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Breathable cardboard (fitting wrapping paper card)

Fengyuan Brand High Quality High Stiffness Breathable Cardboard, Skin Packaging Paper Card, Breathable Paper Card, Sarin Paper Card

Fengyuan Brand High Quality High Stiffness Breathable Cardboard, Skin Packaging Paper Card, Breathable Paper Card, Sarin Paper Card

              Help you achieve the perfect vacuum skin packaging


Dongguan Zhongtang Fengyuan Packaging Products Factory specializes in providing breathable cardboard for skin packaging. There are a variety of papers and thicknesses to choose from. Main product features:

1. Good air permeability, vacuum body can be completed in an instant (4-6 seconds) (depending on the vacuum horsepower of the body packaging machine and the size of the packaged product), effectively improving the packaging efficiency;
2. With various body films, sarin film adhesion and lasting strong adhesive force, to ensure that skin packaging effect;
3, whiteness board surface, flat and smooth, fine for high-definition color printing 4-6, increasing the added value of products and promotional effect;
4, cardboard High stiffness, smooth and flat after packaging, to ensure the beautiful appearance of the package;
5, compared with ordinary cardboard, no need to make additional ventilation holes or slots, retain the integrity of the product packaging appearance, make it more perfect;
6, and skin packaging The glue has good compatibility and adhesion, which makes the gluing process convenient and easy.


Fengyuan brand breathable cardboard, skin-packing paper card, breathable paper card, sarin paper card Picture:


Breathable paper card

Skin Packaging Cardboard

Breathable cardboard

Sarin paper card


Guangdong Fengyuan Packaging is a professional one-stop supply platform for skin-packing, providing a full range of vacuum skin-packing machines, skin-packing films, sarin films, sarin glue, skin-adhesive glue, breathable cardboard, and skin-packing paper cards , Breathable paper card, sarin paper card, etc., more than 10 years committed to improving the aesthetic value of skin-packing, is a well-known enterprise in skin-packing in Guangdong Province.


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