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Beef Skin Packaging Machine (Lamb Skin Packaging Machine)

Fengyuan Beef Skin Packaging Machine, Beef Vacuum Skin Packaging Machine, Lamb Skin Packaging Machine, Beef Vacuum Packaging Machine:


Fengyuan Beef Skin Packaging Machine, Beef Vacuum Skin Packaging Machine, Lamb Skin Packaging Machine, Beef Vacuum Packaging Machine:

                     Professional manufacturing of packaging tools for visual temptation and vacuum preservation


Beef and mutton skin packaging machine (Vacuum vacuum skin packaging machine, meat skin packaging machine) Skin packaging concept and characteristics:

The beef and mutton vacuum skin packaging is a vacuum sealing of food between the upper transparent vacuum film and the bottom tray through a beef and mutton skin packaging machine under vacuum. It can maintain the color, juice, fragrance and freshness of the product, and has the dual effects of three-dimensional display of skin packaging and vacuum preservation protection. Its main features are as follows:

1. Highly transparent skin-packing film is completely shaped and attached according to the shape of beef and mutton. The appearance and color of the product are completely clear and visible.

2. Beef body vacuum packaging is a vacuum full-sealed packaging, which can maintain the natural tenderness, aroma, color and juice of beef and mutton.

3. Use a high-barrier vacuum skin-packing film to block oxygen, inhibit the breeding of aerobic bacteria in a low temperature environment, maintain freshness for a longer time, and maintain the natural state of beef and mutton.

4. Beef vacuum skin packer can prevent the generation of ice crystals in beef and mutton when refrigerated, and prevent the product surface from drying and cracking due to excessive freezing and burns.

5. Multi-product combination packaging can be made. Consumers can partially open the package for consumption, and then return the remaining beef and mutton together with skin packaging to the refrigerator and continue to refrigerate for later consumption, which is hygienic and convenient.

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Main specifications of beef skin packaging machine (mutton skin packaging machine, beef vacuum skin packaging machine, beef skin vacuum packaging machine):


Vacuum chamber size: L 705 XW 505X H 60mm

Electric heating: 6 KW

Vacuum pump: 100 m3 / min (Bosch vacuum pump model 100)

MACHINE SIZE: L 710 XW 750 X H1050 mm

Applicable film width: 760mm

Power: 380V, 3 PH, 60HZ


Dongguan Zhongtang Fengyuan Packaging Products Factory has been focusing on the manufacture and development of high-quality skin packaging machines for more than 10 years . The product series include: beef skin packaging machines , lamb skin packaging machines, beef vacuum skin packaging machines, beef skin vacuum packaging. Machine, meat packaging machine , economical, semi-automatic, automatic, fully automatic, and non-standard customized. Using high-quality machine parts and components, each manufacturing process is strictly controlled, and after more than 10 years of continuous technical updates and upgrades, it fully meets the actual needs of customers in various industries. The machine has passed EU CE international safety certification. Our products have been affirmed and widely used by our customers, have helped customers to achieve product packaging upgrades and maximize packaging value, and have established a good reputation and reputation in the domestic and foreign markets, which is worth your trust.


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