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Seafood Skin Packaging Machine (Seafood Vacuum Skin Packaging Machine / Aquatic Product Skin Packaging Machine)

Fengyuan Seafood Skin Packaging Machine, Seafood Vacuum Skin Packaging Machine, Aquatic Skin Packaging Machine:


Fengyuan Seafood Skin Packaging Machine, Seafood Vacuum Skin Packaging Machine, Aquatic Skin Packaging Machine:


                     Packaging tool for visual temptation and vacuum preservation


Vacuum vacuum skin packaging process:

Seafood vacuum skin packaging is through a seafood vacuum skin packaging machine . After the seafood vacuum skin packaging film is softened by heating, under the action of vacuum suction, it is completely shaped and attached to the surface of seafood in the shape of aquatic products such as seafood. It is tightly bonded with the skin care box, and vacuum-fixes food such as seafood between the upper vacuum skin care packaging film and the lower food care box. Effectively locks the color, juice, flavor and freshness of seafood, and has the dual effects of three-dimensional display of skin packaging and vacuum preservation protection.


The vacuum packaging machine for seafood (seafood packaging machine, aquatic product packaging machine) has the following characteristics:

1. Highly transparent skin-packaging film is completely shaped and attached according to the shape of the product. The appearance and color of the product are completely clear and visible, and the visual display effect is good, which can stimulate consumers' appetite and purchase desire.

2. Vacuum full sealed packaging can keep the product's natural freshness, aroma, color and juice taste.

3. Use a high-barrier vacuum skin-packing film to block oxygen, inhibit the breeding of aerobic bacteria in a low-temperature environment, maintain freshness for a longer time, and maintain the natural state of the product.

4. It can prevent the generation of ice crystals when the product is refrigerated, and prevent the product surface from drying and cracking due to excessive freezing and burns.

5. Multi-product combination packaging can be done. Consumers can partially open the package for consumption, and then return the remaining products together with skin-packed packaging to the refrigerator and continue to refrigerate for later consumption, which is hygienic and convenient.

                    Seafood Skin Packaging Machine (Aquatic Skin Packaging Machine)


Seafood skin packaging machine (aquatic skin packaging machine, seafood skin packaging machine) main specifications:


Vacuum chamber size: L 705 XW 505X H 60mm

Electric heating: 6 KW

Vacuum pump: 100 m3 / min (Bosch vacuum pump model 100)

MACHINE SIZE: L 710 XW 750 X H1050 mm

Applicable film width: 760mm

Power: 380V, 3 PH, 60HZ


Dongguan Zhongtang Fengyuan Packaging Products Factory has been focusing on the manufacture and development of high-quality skin packaging machines for more than 10 years . The product series include: seafood skin packaging machines , seafood vacuum skin packaging machines, aquatic skin packaging machines , economical, semi-auto , Automatic, fully automatic, and non-standard customized. Using high-quality machine parts and components, each manufacturing process is strictly controlled, and after more than 10 years of continuous technical updates and upgrades, it fully meets the actual needs of customers in various industries. The machine has passed EU CE international safety certification. Our products have been affirmed and widely used by our customers, have helped customers to achieve product packaging upgrades and maximize packaging value, and have established a good reputation and reputation in the domestic and foreign markets, which is worth your trust.


Due to its influence in the skin-packaging industry, the company was fortunate to be invited to be one of the drafting units for the body-pack packaging section of the "Guide to Packaging Machinery Selection" published by the Machinery Industry Press .


Vacuum skin packaging machine (seafood skin packaging machine, aquatic product skin packaging machine) vacuum skin packaging case:


Packaging picture of seafood skin packer   Seafood Vacuum Skin Packaging Machine Packaging Case Picture


Picture of shrimp seafood skin packaging case  Packaging Case of Vacuum Packaging Machine for Salmon and Seafood


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