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Anti-aging food packaging film, anti-aging seafood packaging film

Fengyuan Brand Anti-aging Food Skin Packaging Film, Anti-aging Seafood Skin Packaging Film, Anti-aging Meat Skin Packaging Film

Fengyuan Brand Anti-aging Food Skin Packaging Film, Anti-aging Seafood Skin Packaging Film, Anti-aging Meat Skin Packaging Film

              -Fengyuan has been researching and developing for more than 10 years with outstanding quality and assured choice-


Frozen Shrimp (Square and Round Shrimp) Frozen fish fillet frozen meat
Frozen poultry  Frozen smoked fish Frozen foie gras

Fengyuan brand anti-aging food body packaging film, anti-aging seafood body packaging film, anti-aging meat body packaging film 5 characteristics:


Feature 1: Transparency and gloss are comparable to crystals. After the food is packaged, the color and texture of the product are clearly visible, and the presence of the packaging film is not detectable by the naked eye.
Feature 2: The color, aroma, taste, freshness and tenderness of the food being packaged are fully locked, allowing diners to experience a new taste bud storm.
Feature 3 :Low-temperature thermoformability, extremely high packaging efficiency, and will not affect food quality.
Feature 4: Excellent elongation performance. For products with irregular shapes, this film can also be completely formed by vacuum blister according to the shape of the product, especially the film around the product is completely blistered into place at a right angle of 90 degrees, which can reach 100% vacuum effect. .
Feature 5: It fully complies with FDA food contact safety regulations and will not have any adverse effects on food.
Feature 6: The product thickness tolerance is within 6%, which is ahead of the domestic manufacturing standards for this product.


usual format:

Common widths are 760mm, 420mm, 520mm, etc. Common thicknesses are: 0.075mm, 0.10mm, 0.12mm, 0.15mm, etc. Special specifications can be customized.


Scope of application:

Widely used in vacuum skin packaging: frozen fresh meat, frozen aquatic products (fish, shrimp, mussels, oysters, shellfish, etc.), poultry, foie gras, sushi, sashimi, pastries, smoked meat products, pet food Wait. The concepts and characteristics of

anti-aging food body packaging, anti-aging seafood body packaging, and anti-aging meat body packaging :

The packaging of seafood and aquatic products is carried out through a food vacuum packaging machine. Under vacuum, the food is vacuum-sealed between the upper transparent food vacuum film and the bottom plastic tray (foamed tray or transparent film). It can maintain the color, juice, fragrance and freshness of aquatic products such as fish and shrimp, and has the dual effects of three-dimensional display of skin packaging and vacuum preservation protection. Its main features are as follows:
1. Vacuum fully sealed packaging can maintain the natural color, freshness, aroma and juice taste of aquatic products and other foods.
2. Highly transparent skin-packaging film is completely shaped and attached according to the shape of food, the appearance and color of seafood and aquatic products are completely visible, and the visual display effect is good, which can stimulate consumers' appetite and appetite.
3. Using a high-barrier vacuum skin-packing film, it can block oxygen, inhibit the breeding of aerobic bacteria in a low-temperature environment, maintain freshness for a longer time, and maintain the natural state of the product.
4. It can prevent the formation of ice crystals in vacuum-packed foods during cold storage, and prevent the food surface from drying and cracking due to excessive freezing and burns.
5. It can make a combination of multiple foods. Consumers can partially open the package for consumption, and then return the remaining food together with skin-packed packaging to the refrigerator and continue to refrigerate it for later consumption. It has higher convenience and hygiene.

Dongguan Zhongtang Fengyuan Packaging Products Factory, has nearly 20 years of manufacturing experience in anti-aging food skin packaging film, anti-aging seafood skin packaging film, anti-aging meat body film , strong technical backing, large-scale production of multiple production lines, quality and delivery assurance, distinguished look forward to your call: 400-889-6006 , business QQ: 2850670788.

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