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Example of body packaging for circular plastic ceiling decorations

This case of circular plastic ceiling decorative parts body packaging was produced on March 15, 2019.

This case was produced by the sample production department of Fengyuan Skin-on-packaging.

The vacuum skin packaging of circular plastic ceiling decorative pieces uses consumables and equipment:

PE skin packaging film and self-adhesive sarin film are used

Use peak source breathable paper card

Using TB-390 Skin Packaging Machine and 2012A-5580 Vacuum Skin Packaging Machine

This case is detailedly recorded as follows:

Reasons for using body-fitting packaging (origin of the requirement):

The customer's foreign buyers feel that the previous shrink-wrapped packaging is not aesthetically pleasing and that the products can shift on the paper card, so they require vacuum skin packaging with good stability and a more perfect appearance.


Using skin packaging, the product is tightly fixed to the cardboard with skin packaging film. Under the action of vacuum suction, the skin packaging film adheres tightly to the surface of the round ceiling decoration product like skin, resulting in a perfect appearance.

Foreign customers specify the use of sarin film.However, considering the low value of the product and the customer's concern about packaging costs, we provide two types of skin packaging films, PE skin packaging film and sarin film, to produce skin packaging samples for the customer's product.

The actual test results show that the packaging effect of PE skin-fitting film and sarin skin-fitting packaging film is similar.Therefore, it is recommended to use cheap PE skin-fitting packaging film.

The effect of shrink-wrapping:


Effect diagram of skin packaging:


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