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Classic work of Fengyuan window decoration machine

This case uses packaging equipment and consumables:

Packaging machine: window decoration body-fitting machine (window decoration body-fitting packaging machine) Model: TB-390

Packaging film: window decoration body-fitting packaging film (window decoration body-fitting film)

Cardboard: ordinary printing paper card (with breathable holes)

As a decorative accessory for windows, window decorations are exquisite and unique in shape, colorful and changeable in color, and can be complemented by glass or crystal ornaments to add a touch of elegance to the windows, giving them a more dynamic and varied beauty, and adding a unique charm to our warm homes.

Such beautiful and colorful window decoration, naturally needs a high-end packaging to match it. There is no doubt that the skin packaging is worthy of it.

Are you still looking for a suitable packaging method and manufacturer for your high-end window decoration products?Please enjoy the following window decoration skin packaging case carefully produced by Fengyuan Packaging. Perhaps you can find the answer from it:

Through our high-quality skin packaging machine and skin packaging film, your window decoration products can also achieve the same skin effect.

Window grilles are mostly made of plastic products that have been plated or painted. Therefore, a very troublesome issue for manufacturers is that after the window grilles are wrapped with body film, when you remove the body film, the beautiful coating on the surface of the window grilles will be damaged due to the viscosity of the body film, causing product defects.If you use the body-adhering machine and body film from Fengyuan Packaging, you will not have this problem. The picture below is proof:

There is no plating or paint left on the removed skin film.After removing the skin film, there is no coating or paint peeling off on the product surface: