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Bathroom hardware accessories skin packaging

This case uses packaging equipment and consumables:

Packaging equipment: TB-390 vacuum skin packaging machine (390 vacuum skin packaging machine)

Types of skin packaging film: sarin film

Cardboard: breathable cardboard 1MM thickness

What kind of packaging do foreign customers prefer for packaged hardware accessories?

The answer, without any doubt, is Skin Packaging!



Domestic suppliers quickly contacted our sales department and quickly sent the products that needed packaging to our factory.Next, let's share how this customer's products went from traditional carton packaging to vacuum skin packaging full of international popular elements.(For a beautiful transformation process, please refer to the video of this case.)

The original carton packaging method used by the customer:




The effect of the product after body-fitting packaging:


In Chinese supermarkets, products with skin-on packaging are basically rare, but in supermarkets in Europe, America, Japan and other countries, skin-on packaging can be seen everywhere. All of this stems from the high quality of life consciousness of the people in these countries, which naturally requires high-end packaging for products. Skin-on packaging is well-deserved due to its many advantages.

Advantage 1: Excellent visual display effect

Advantage 2: Strong visual appeal

Advantage 3: Better super market on-site promotion result

Advantage 4: The product is tightly fixed on the board for best protection

Advantage 5: Such high-end packaging naturally brings high profits, as merchants know (Better profit thanks to best packing presentation)

It is estimated that the skin packaging sample produced by Dongguan Fengyuan Packaging has been delivered to foreign customers.We believe that the customers will be very satisfied with the effect of our careful production.

Side story: Before using the sarin film to package this product, we tried using a relatively low-priced PE skin-to-body packaging film, but the transparency of the PE skin-to-body film was slightly poor, and a white mist-like appearance remained on the surface of the product, as shown below:


Value inspiration point of this case:

1. Skin packaging is an internationally recognized popular packaging method. Proactively providing or catering to the needs of foreign customers in this area can win more export business opportunities for Chinese manufacturers;

2. High-end packaging naturally yields a relatively high profit return, which is a good opportunity for traditional manufacturing companies to generate income;

3. The principle of selecting skin packaging film is: "Use low-cost skin packaging film when it is available, and use high-quality skin packaging film (such as sarin film and PET skin packaging film) when it is not available but can meet the needs".