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Clutch friction plate vacuum skin packaging

Equipment and consumables used in this case:

Equipment: automatic skin packaging machine (constant temperature type) Model PV-5580 Packaging area: 550 X 800MM

Packaging film: PE skin packaging film 610MM X 0.20MM

Paperboard: special breathable paper card for body-fitting

The friction plate of the car clutch is one of the most critical components of the car brake, and its importance is self-evident.

Vacuum skin packaging can bring many marketing advantages to it, including:

1: Highly transparent skin packaging film brings you a perfect visual experience

2: Sculptural visual display, strong visual impact

3: The product is fixed and does not move, providing the best protection effect

4: Gold-plated packaging for export products, increasing product added value and grade

5: Integrate the most popular international popular packaging elements, never out of date

The body-fitting packaging of automotive clutch friction plates is perfectly displayed:



Want to have the same perfect body packaging effect for your clutch friction plate products?Please call the sales hotline 400-889-6006. Our professionalism and ingenuity can turn your needs into reality.